What security checks do our Staff go through?

All staff must provide the following at interview -:

 3 references - 1 can be a character reference, 1 must be from your last or most recent job. If you've just qualified then your last placement.

Original certificates of qualification, photocopies are not acceptable.

At least 2 proofs of home address - utility bills, mobile phone bill, credit card or catalogue bills are all acceptable.

Proof of Identity - driving licence, passport, birth certificate

Proof of NI (National Insurance) number - this can be an NI card, letter from the HMRC or any official government document with the NI number displayed.

2 passport sized photos - we issue all staff with a photgraphic ID card and keep one photo on file.

Enhanced DBS disclosure - we will put you through a fresh disclosure as part of the recruitment process. If you have one already, please bring it with you to your interview.

If you're interested in this type of role, then Eyears may be able to help you.

Our Nursery Nurse Business offers -:

Nursery Nurse Jobs in Birmingham , Nursery Nurse Jobs in Bristol, Nursery Nurse Jobs in Coventry & Nursery Nurse Jobs in Staffordshire

Our Education Business offers -:

Teaching assistant jobs in Birmingham, Teaching Assistant Jobs in Bristol, Teaching Assistant Jobs in Coventry & Teaching Assistant Jobs in Staffordshire. We also have Teacher Jobs in Birmingham, Teacher Jobs in Coventry, Teacher Jobs in Bristol & Teacher Jobs in Staffordshire.


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