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Joining Eyears means we need to ensure our Clients and Support Staff are secure in their placements. As such Eyears has a strict recruitment process.

Members of the REC have to confirm their compliance with a whole list of standards all designed to offer peace of mind to the Client and assurance to the support staff that they will be treated fairly and without prejudice.  Whilst this registration process governs many of our basic principles, being independent allows us to go further.  All support staff go through the same process:

* Face to face interview
* Original documents to prove identity
* Original qualification certificates
* An enhanced DBS disclosure
* Check with GTC for registration where required
* References from and including the last or most recent employer (we request 3 as standard)

Once you've joined us you'll experience the kind of personal service very few can offer. The person that interviews you will become your day to day contact and speak with you to discuss the placement options available to you. We'll help you with bus or train times, routes to the placement and inform you fully on what to expect when you get there.

All you need to do now is push a button and start the process. 

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