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Job Title Location Salary  
Early Years Teacher Kings Heath 100 - 200 a day.
Year 5 Teacher Erdington 100 - 200 a day.
KS1 Teacher Kingstanding 100 - 200 a day.
Cover Supervisor Birmingham 100 - 200 a day.
Female P.E Teacher Birmingham 100 - 200 a day.
Science Teacher Birmingham 100 - 200 a day.
Maths Teacher Birmingham 100 - 200 a day.
Nursery Nurse Moseley Upto 7 per hour
Nursery Nurse Acocks Green Upto 7 per hour
Nursery Nurse Northfield Upto 7 per hour
Nursery Nurse West Bromwich Excellent
Level 3 Nursery Nurse Tipton Competitive
Nursery Nurse Sutton Coldfield up to 7.50 Per Hour
Supply Primary teacher Manchester Negotiable
Primary Supply Teacher Salford Negotiable
Year 4 Teacher Rubery 130 Day rate
Primary Supply Teacher Trafford Negotiable
Qualified Nursery Nurse Southampton Competitive
Qualified Nursery Nurse Hedge End Competitive
Unqualified Nursery Assistant Locks Heath Competitive

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