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How do I complete and send timesheets to Eyears each week?

Before you proceed with using the app you must have the following…

•An Apple or Android phone with a touch screen

•The ability to send and receive data via your mobile phone – i.e. a data connection

•You must be a registered and approved member of Eyears support staff

•You must know your unique log in details for our secure area – provided at completion of the process

•If have these – you’re ready to use the app but feel free to contact your local office if you’re having any difficulty.

At the bottom of this email is a graphic representation of this information.

Completing Your Timesheet for Eyears

1.Log into the app using your registered email address and password

2.The shifts you are booked for will be highlighted in “Timesheet Sign Off”

3.Once you have completed your shift, open the app, press “Timesheet sign off” and select the shift you wish to complete – a green tick box will appear and press “Sign off Bookings”.

4.Press the Green Pencil icon and enter the duration of breaks during your work. You can also amend start and finish times here by selecting them and amending accordingly.

5. Press the SAVE button – VERY IMPORTANT - without this being SAVED your timesheet may be rejected. You will see you “Break Hours” now being displayed. If you have taken no breaks then this can be left as zero.

6. Present your device to the Client – they will need to enter their name at the designated area and press “Enter Signature”. The Client can use their fingers to sign.

7. Here the Client signs to confirm the hours of the shift that have been worked and presses “Complete Sign Off”. This is confirmation you have worked the shift as completed and the Client agrees you have done this also.

8. This process will then automatically send a copy of the timesheet to the registered email address for yourself, the client and Eyears. If this has been completed correctly there is no need for you to send a physical copy as this is retained for our records.

*** Important Notes -  As with all timesheets, this process needs to be completed for every shift you complete for Eyears.  One timesheet, per Client, per week. It is important that the Client enters their name and signature – without this – we will be unable to process the timesheet and may result in a delay in payment of any wages due ***

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