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How to record your availabilty on-line

If you're already registered with Eyears you're already on your way to finding the right work for you when you want it. But the next step to enable us to help you is to find out when you're available. Thanks to our online system, you can now do this remotely from any internet enabled device - your mobile phone, internet, net book or even a games console.

It couldn't be simpler. When you registered with us you probably entered your email address in the application along with your National Insurance number. You will need to have this information handy when you log in. Just 4 steps is all it takes.

1. Go  to - www.eyears.co.uk
2. On the right hand side you will see - Registered Users Login - enter your email address as your user name and enter your National Insurance number as your password and press the Login button.
3. Once you're in the secure area you can change your password. Press the Update availability button.
4. In this screen simply tick the boxes that apply to you - ie if you're available Monday morning only - then tick the Monday morning box. If you're free all week full time, then tick the Full Day boxes for each day you're free.

It's that simple.  This then updates our system instantly and we can see straight away that you're free and contact you for work on those days.

If you are didn't record your email address when you applied, then contact your Consultant in the office and we'll be able to help you gain access in around 30 seconds.

Like wise if you forget your details it can always be resent to you. We hope you like it, it was certainly set up with ease in mind and to help those of you that may have free time on the bus or train on your phones to update.

If you've got any problems don't hesitate to call us.

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