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How long is the work I will be offered?

This depends largely upon what it is you're after. Everybodies needs are unique & different and we treat your needs as such.

If you want to work term time only from 10-2 then that is the type of work we will offer you.

If you're a student who maybe has a couple of days off per week then we'll offer you work on those days.

Maybe you're looking for full time employment, this is what we will offer & look for for you.

The more flexible you are with your requests the more work you'll find you are offered. If you only want work on a Monday, from 10-11am in a certain street, you may end up a little dissapointed. But if you're flexible in your times & travel - you'll find Eyears will offer you as much work as you want.

If you're interested in this type of role, then Eyears may be able to help you.

Our Nursery Nurse Business offers -:

Nursery Nurse Jobs in Birmingham , Nursery Nurse Jobs in Bristol, Nursery Nurse Jobs in Coventry & Nursery Nurse Jobs in Staffordshire. 

Our Education Business offers -:

Teaching assistant jobs in Birmingham, Teaching Assistant Jobs in Bristol, Teaching Assistant Jobs in Coventry & Teaching Assistant Jobs in Staffordshire. We also have Teacher Jobs in Birmingham, Teacher Jobs in Coventry, Teacher Jobs in Bristol & Teacher Jobs in Staffordshire.


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