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What's involved in a Nursery Managers Position

All Clients will have unique needs and requirements from you. At the start of each booking they will ask you to perform certain tasks or manage certain responsibilities. Like wise, if you're unsure of anything this is your opportunity to ask any questions regarding the setting. The list below is by no means exhaustive but a guideline to the role & responsibilities in general.


Duties will include:

Responsibility for the daily running and administration of the nursery whilst adhering to the Policies & Procedures ,ensuring compliance with the Children Act and Health and Safety legislation, all within the requirements and guidelines laid down by Ofsted/CSIW and the National Standards.

Ensuring confidentiality is maintained in the nursery.

Having key-holder responsibility.

Offering all children equal opportunities with regard to their religious persuasion, racial origins, gender, disabilities, cultural or linguistic background; in particular, challenging situations where racism or discrimination is displayed.

Ensuring effective staff recruitment. Supervision of staff and students, conducting regular staff assessments, recognizing training needs, monitoring training and developing teamwork. Organizing regular staff meetings and in-service training. 

Care and supervision of the children with regard to their physical, emotional and intellectual needs. 

Supervision of the planning and preparation of activities to develop all aspects of the child's individual development in a stimulating atmosphere. Ensuring developmental records and observations are kept.

Ensuring that the preparation, care, cleanliness and maintenance of the nursery playrooms, kitchen and equipment are carried out according to the Policies & Procedures and risk assessments.

Administration and finance of all nursery activities as directed by Head Office to manage budgets, and keep accurate records of staffing, payroll, banking, petty cash, fundraising and all other activities as requested. Issue of invoices and collection of fees, and meeting agreed targets.

Liaison with parents and negotiation of working targets ensuring effective communication within the nursery.

Ensuring a tier system of management is in place and that duties are delegated fairly. Maintaining staff ratios and ensuring staff are deployed effectively to carry out the correct preparation of bottles and babies' feeds, nappy changes, laundry duties and supervision of meals.

Keeping and monitoring accident, incident and risk assessment records.

Arranging regular parents' evenings, publicity, open weekends and children's outings and ensuring effective marketing.

Ensuring the effective and regular removal of waste materials to the designated store and ensuring regular collection of that waste.

Any other duties appropriate to the post as directed by the Area Manager and Managing Director.


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