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Why should I join Eyears?

At Eyears, our philosophy is to recruit only the best. We can offer Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Nursery Nurses and many more types of staff the work they want through out the Midlands and South West. Your needs are unique and at Eyears we aim to give back more to you the Employee. We offer some of the best rates of pay available in the market today, local work as and when you want it and a service that is second to none. With over 20 years experience in the Recruitment Sector we'd like to think we get things right by focusing on your needs.

Indeed, a high proportion of our staff come via referrals and word of mouth which is why you won't see us taking out large advertisements in the press. We ensure we treat all staff the same, maybe you just want an odd day per week, maybe full time or part time, maybe you are studying and need some flexibility. Either way we offer you the support you need & the work you want.

Once you've joined us you'll experience the kind of personal service very few can offer. The person that interviews you will become your day to day contact and speak with you to discuss the placement options available to you. We'll help you with bus or train times, routes to the placement and inform you fully on what to expect when you get there.


If you're interested in this type of role, then Eyears may be able to help you.

Our Nursery Nurse Business offers -:

Nursery Nurse Jobs in Birmingham , Nursery Nurse Jobs in Bristol, Nursery Nurse Jobs in Coventry & Nursery Nurse Jobs in Staffordshire

Our Education Business offers -:

Teaching assistant jobs in Birmingham, Teaching Assistant Jobs in Bristol, Teaching Assistant Jobs in Coventry & Teaching Assistant Jobs in Staffordshire. We also have Teacher Jobs in Birmingham, Teacher Jobs in Coventry, Teacher Jobs in Bristol & Teacher Jobs in Staffordshire.

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