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Agency Workers Regulations

Agency Worker Regulations

The Agency Workers Regualtions (AWR) is legislation that starts on 1st October 2011. This legislation is important to every Client who engages Temporary Support Staff and every individual who works as a Temporary Member of Support Staff.

Below you'll find a link to advice and guidance issued from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BiS) for all Client groupings other than Schools. We have issued a seperate information sheet for Schools located - HERE .

The official full document is available from this link - HERE .

If you are a Client of Eyears, you can download the official Client briefing issued by the REC from HERE .

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact your Consultant in the first instance and we'll do our best to answer any queries you may have. You may however wish to contact either the DFE directly - HERE , or the REC - HERE - either of which may be able to provide detailed advice or guidance.

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