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Changes to Travel & Subsistence legislation from April 2016 for Clients

Questions and Answers

You may question why I am receiving this and why it would impact upon me. Well, we hope we can answer those questions for you in approximately 2 minutes of reading.

If the temporary agency staff you procure are paid through an umbrella body then this QnA is here to help you. There are significant changes in April to legislation that may have an impact upon your relationships with these suppliers and of course placements.

From April 2016 the Government have changed the rules on travel and subsistence (T&S). Some employment agencies have utilised this in the past to increase profits and inflate pay rates by using intermediaries, in many cases umbrella bodies or personal services companies (PSC). From April these options are being limited and in many cases eradicated.

  • What does this mean for you?

Well that very much depends on how staff are paid by their agency. If you currently utilise Eyears, then this will have no impact upon you. However, if your temporary support staff are paid through an umbrella company or PSC, then it is quite possible they will be paid less from April and the Agency involved will earn less. In some cases it is possible the charge rates to Clients will be increased to compensate for the loss of margin by some agencies.

  • Why might I be charged more if my temporary staff currently work through another agency via an umbrella company?

The financial benefit that the agency receives from processing staff in this way will be removed as will the benefit to support staff. This means there may be little or no benefit to process wages through this way and the agency may well wish to migrate staff to a different model. This could result in the amount of commission an agency makes on each shift reducing and the pay to the support staff reducing. To compensate this, it is possible some agencies will either increase their pay and charge rates, or just increase their charge rates. Some will do neither. Eyears are offering a guarantee of fixed rates. Read on to find out more about this offer.

  • How can I be charged the same as I do today for the rest of the academic year?

There’s 1 very simple way to do this – that’s contact Eyears. We are offering our Clients the opportunity to fix their rates for the rest of the academic year and beyond. The other way is to contact your agency and ask what they will be charging you after this change. If the rates are going up – you may want to ask why. If you’re not happy with the answer, we’re here to help.

  • Will I still be able to use my current agency of choice beyond April?

This legislation does not change who you can or can’t use. It is still your choice to pick a supplier you are comfortable with who offers transparency, value for money and of course excellent service. Naturally, we’d like you to choose us because we hold these values very closely.





  • Will staff from Eyears be receiving less money from April as a result of this?

No. No one who works for Eyears will see their wages reduce as a result of this legislation. 

  • Can I register my vacancies and temporary work with Eyears?

Yes. You can register any and all vacancies with Eyears as and when you are ready. The charge is nil. The benefits are you can lock your rates in with a local supplier dedicated to you.

  • Is there any incentive to move my supply work to Eyears?

We think there’s lots of reasons why you’d work with us, our friendly service, dedicated consultants, local offices and of course, lots of support staff. However, if you want more information, give your consultant a call at Eyears and they’ll offer you an incentive just for you.

As with any changes to individual’ circumstances, you should always check for yourself how this will impact upon you and take advice from those registered and in a position to do so. This document is not meant as any legal advice and should not be taken as such. For more information the actual Policy Paper link is listed below.



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